20 new posters for May

These are the new posters in our 8 ‘print-your-own’ poster subscription series. Subscribers will find them on their personal download pages.

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JKRowlingWho said Nothing will comeBiologicalDiversity14MuseumsAtNight14CulturalDiversity2014WorldRedCrossDay2014WorldAsthmaDay14NationalVegetarianWeek14WalkSchool 2014PolioStampsWaterPedestrian deathsSoliloquyWhats done is doneTo beThis time tomorrowMostFluentlySiTropTelephone

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Malaria: Free poster and facts & figures for World Malaria Day

Malaria-1Malaria-3Malaria-2World malaria day 2014
25 April is World Malaria Day. Subscribers to Complete Issues and to Celebration posters can download 3 copiable pages of facts & figures along with a free poster.

Complete Issues subscribers just log in, go to downloads and you'll find them under Extras.

Celebration posters subscribers go to your personal download page.

Free Shakespeare poster

It's Shakespeare's 450 birthday tomorrow and we have a free poster to celebrate this - see the bottom of our Posters page.

NEW: World Cup posters

When was the First World CupCostWomens World Cup
We've just completed a set of 23 print-your-own pdf posters answering questions such as:

When was the first World Cup?
Who scored the first goal?
What is FIFA?
Who has won the most penalty shoot-outs?
How have the home nations done?
How much will the World Cup cost?
What should I know about Brazil?

Early bird offer till 30 April 2014: Save £5
23 PDF posters: only £14.95
23 PDF posters & enhanced Powerpoint: only £24.95

Brilliant for displays and for capturing students' interest.

See them all here.

Manchester Central Library reborn!

From the outside Central Library looks the same, but inside it's amazing! It's been worth the wait - in those 4 years closed they've brought it from the 20th to the 21st century. Brilliant atmosphere and a great selection of books. Simply so much to explore. People from every generation and era were there - the place was buzzing! Manchester definitely needs its library (and branches!)

International day for the elimination of racial discrimination today

It's International day for the elimination of racial discrimination today. We hope you've downloaded your poster from our Celebration series. We're glad to see that our tweet about this poster has been retweeted 9 times to 13,000 people.

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Ideal for your library inductions

We've just received this feedback about the new Know your Library pdf posters:

'Great - just what I have been looking for to use for inductions.' Lynda Scott-Picton, Thatcham

Feedback about our monthly posters

Just had this email from Isobel Turner who is about to retire:

'Thank you for the great posters - I've used them widely in the library and circulated them to staff, many of whom have commented very favourably. I've seen them in use around the school so I feel they've helped raise the profile of the library considerably. Thank you for the wonderful service you have provided.'

We wish Isobel well in her retirement.

20 new posters for April

These are the new posters in our 8 PDF Poster subscription series. Subscribers will find them on their personal download pages.

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Game of Thrones quoteDid you knowHyperboleSyria civil warNHS bedsInternationaChildrensBookDay 2014World Day for Animals in labs 2014World malaria day 2014st georges day 2014World health day 2014shakespeare's birthday 2014International dance day 2014IcebergBigTo writeGive him a ringBestVeux bienEn plein coeurApprends le francais

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Feedback about our resources

'Thanks so much for all of your great resources. We find them so beneficial.' Michelle Gowans, school librarian.

Special Offer: a third off Subject Spotlight Posters for 1 week only

For the next 7 days you can buy this superb set of 45 'print your own' pdf posters saving 10 pounds. Until 19 March they are only 19.95 - less than 50p a poster!

The eye-catching posters highlight key subjects with their Dewey numbers.

It's more vital than ever that the library looks bright, warm and welcoming with clear signposting. The Subject Spotlight posters are ideal for this - making the library user-friendly at a surprisingly low cost.

See them all here

Feedback: WebLinks Online

'WebLinks is a great resource to have.' Fiona Matheson, Vale of Leven Academy, Alexandria, 11 March 2014

WebLinks is a database of the best educational websites. LinksPlus MARC provides these sites in MARC format for the library catalogue.

Parents' page

We’ve now added a page of resources for parents, from the Shorter Shakespeare series to our educational bookmarks, to the website. Please have a look here.

Our Celebration series poster for World Book Day

Great to see our World Book Day poster, Celebrations series, retweeted by the the Reading Agency to its 16,000 followers.

Thanks to Kay Ecclestone, Cornwall College St Austell for tweeting it @CCStALCs

Free poster for the Winter Paralympics

Paralympics 2014
We have a free poster for the Winter Paralympics in our Celebration posters monthly series.

The series provides several 'print them yourself' pdfs every month about key events.

Feedback: free poster on the issue of Self Harm


'I emailed the self harm poster to staff and I’ve just had a visit from one of our safeguarding team to say they are thrilled with it. They had been wondering how to provide information on the issue to students and your poster, along with contact details of help in school, is just what they need.' Kathryn Durkan, John Port School

You can download the poster from the bottom of our Posters page.

2 new books to help celebrate International Women's Day

International Women's Day is on the 8 March and these 2 new lively & accessible biographies are perfect to mark the day.

Ellen Wilkinson: from Suffragist to the first female Minister of Education.

Sylvia Pankhurst: From militant suffragette to campaigner against colonialism in Africa.

Order here

Feedback on the free posters about Ukraine

'Downloaded and put up in the Geography display area. Very timely in terms of current news and for the forthcoming Open Morning!' Head of Geography, Abingdon.

Thanks to Barbara Hickford for telling the head of Geography and passing the comment to us.

Ukraine: 2 free posters

You can download these 2 free A4 posters from the bottom of our Posters page.

Complete Issues subscribers can also
download them with other posters - log in then go to the arrow logo top right.

23 new posters for March

These are the bumper crop of new posters in our 8 PDF Poster subscription series. Subscribers can find them on their personal download pages.

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FloodedThamesBarrierRiverThamesExpesniveCitiesWorldBookDay14LibraryposterReadingZoneWorld Book Day 2014 celebrationsEliminateRacialDiscrimination14WomensDay2014ScienceEngineeringWeek14Happiness DayWaterday2014Salt 2014ClimateWeek14didntCatchTooManyToTeachWouldLikeSlangSleepManquer2ManquerIl y avait beaucoup de monde

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Feedback about Know your library posters & Powerpoint

'They look fab & are going to give a much-needed fresh look to the library. They are up to the usual high Carel Press standard and would be a useful asset to most people’s libraries!' Helen Farrar, Cockermouth School

See the posters here.

Now available: Know your library posters and enhanced Powerpoint

PowerpointKnow Llib
This is a ready-to-use, colourful introduction to the library for all pupils and students.

You can see all 25 posters in this helpful new resource here as well as a preview of the Powerpoint.

The set covers the essentials from basic terms such as borrow, return and renew, to the arrangement of fiction and non-fiction as well as the parts of a book (contents, blurb, spine etc).

We've added movement to the Powerpoint to help capture attention.

We've also created LRC versions of both the posters and Powerpoint.

Giving libraries a high profile

Great to see National Libraries Day being given a high profile at John Port School, Derbyshire.

On display on the large screen is one of our free posters for Complete Issues subscribers.

From Twitter @jps_library

Know your library: new set of posters

Know your library is our new set of 25 'print your own' pdf posters explaining basic library terms such as Alphabetical order, Blurb, Borrow, Catalogue, Reserve, Return, Spine, Subject Index and more. An enhanced powerpoint will be available too, as well as an LRC version.

Crime figures have fallen to their lowest level for 30 years - but why?

This is a great topic to discuss: Are the figures accurate? Is it because of better policing? Or locking up more people?

We have produced a FREE resource  - Crime figures - Showing the decline since 1981.  Students can discuss and suggest their own answers. 

A second page -  Crime Figures Answers - gives some suggestions about why the figures have fallen together with suggestions for further reading and research from our Complete Issues series.

A third page - Raw data - gives you the figures behind the graph together with the contrasting figures of Police Recorded Crime.

All three pages are available FREE for current subscribers to Fact File or Complete Issues.

Log in to here
and select Downloads (arrow icon at the top right) and then Extras from the left hand Category menu.

We hope you find this useful.

Key Dates in English posters - special offer

For the next 7 days you can buy this eye-opening set of 35 pdf posters about English language and literature at half price!

You can get the set of PDFs for £14.95 until 6 February. See all the posters.

Succeed in English: monthly posters for EAL

Succeed in English is a monthly PDF series for English as an Additional Language - it will be a key visual support to help students remember.

It covers grammar, verbs, expressions, vocabulary, register and common mistakes. Subscribers can suggest topics for new posters.

If you subscribe to our other monthly sets then you can get this set FREE. Email us and we'll add it to your personal download page.

Learn more.

February posters: Our Planet series; Learn French series

Find out more about these 2 series of monthly posters:
Our Planet
Learn French

February's Poster for English

Our Poster for English for February is Owen's powerful Dulce et Decorum est.

The series is available on a month's free trial.

Spine labels have arrived

Our spine labels have arrived from the factory in Venice! Last night we've added 3 extra ones after people requested them: Short stories, Reference, & Other Countries. Order here.

UK Issues & World Issues posters for February

SmokingWorldInternational SchoolsFreezing
World Issues Posters: Smoking and the growth of international schools teaching in English

UK Issues: Freezing to death

Free poster for National Libraries Day

We have a free poster for National Libraries Day in our Celebration posters monthly series.

It's so important now to raise the profile of libraries.

February's Reading & Library poster + a bonus poster

FirstWorldWarFind OutJaneAusten

These's a bonus poster this month with a quotation from Jane Austen. Subscribe to the series.

Forthcoming events in January: Celebration posters

WorldReligionDay142014HolocaustDayChinese New Year 2014
These are from our monthly Celebration posters.

Feedback about the new Spine Labels

See the labels here.

These are cool!' Collette Shine, The Forest School, Wokingham

'Love them!'
Anne Williams, Concord College

Marion Clark, Carnoustie High School

'I really like them. It is refreshing not to have Americanised ones.'
Jean Grima, Carshalton High School for Girls

'Love the spine labels, have been looking for something like this to help pupils select best books for themselves' Jennifer Horan, Dumbarton

'They look really good'
Susan Cross, Graeme High School

'Much better than other spine labels.'
Lexi Adams, Brooke Weston Academy, Corby

Eye-catching spine labels - feedback please!

We've been asked to design a set of spine labels to match our best-selling Fiction posters and new Fiction Genre Signs (see below).

Several colleagues have also requested other modern and attractive spine labels.
We'd love your feedback on these designs. Have we got them right? Have we missed any? Please email us with your comments.

Possible designs:

Finished designs which you can order here: