Free British history poster for primary schools

Primary Vikings
The National Curriculum says that KS2 pupils should 'develop a chronologically secure knowledge' of British history. Our new set of 95 Key Events That Made Britain posters will help you to do exactly that.

These print-your-own pdf posters are bright, colourful, easy-to-use and time saving. You can bring British history alive on your walls and whiteboards.

The full price will be £39.95. Special pre-release offer until Wednesday 10 December - only £29.95.
Download one free.

A secondary version is available too!

Ebola the facts - free to Complete Issues subscribers

We're sure your students are listening to Band Aid's song about ebola and would want to know more about the disease. We are pre-releasing the 2 page section about ebola from Fact File 2015 as a downloadable Complete Issues extra for subscribers.

To download the guide, log into
Complete Issues and go to Downloads then Extras.

Feedback on our Bullying Focus Guide

It's great to receive this feedback:

'Brilliant and very timely to add to our anti-bullying display this week!' Sue Bastone

'Impressed by @CarelPress' new #bullying focus guide. Clear facts and advice: have sent it to Heads of Year.' Tamsin Farthing ‏@laughinglibby

'If you want to know facts about bullying, not myths, download @CarelPress' Focus Guide'. The Mallison Library ‏@RGSLibrary

Bullying Focus Guide - free to Complete Issues subscribers

To mark Anti-bullying week we are pre-releasing the 12 page section about bullying from Fact File 2015 as a downloadable Complete Issues Focus guide.

Fact File 2015 will be published at the beginning of January but we thought subscribers to Complete Issues (which includes both Fact File and Essential Articles) would like to have the pages now.

To download the guide just log into
Complete Issues and go to Downloads then Focus guides.

December Reading & Library series: 2nd poster

Take a break from screens
This is the other poster in our Reading and Library series for December.

The series is available on a month's free trial.

Promote your library with a penguin!

Find out about penguins
Why not use a penguin to promote your library before Christmas?

This is one of our latest
Reading and Library posters.