2 new Posters for English

Exclamation markGeorge Orwell
These are the 2 posters for March in our Posters for English series.

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2 Reading & Library posters for March

World book day 2015 Seneca
See more posters here from the Reading and Library series.

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One of our 3 French posters for March

Terrorism L
One of 3 Learn French posters for March has a quote, in French & English, about terrorism by Charb, the murdered Publication Director of Charlie Hebdo.

This is a monthly print-your-own pdf poster series helping to bring your walls and whiteboards alive to enrich the learning environment. Subscribers have a personal download page.

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Safer Internet day 10th February - do you have the resources you need?

Next Tuesday is Safer Internet day. Do you have all the information you need to help your students become safe and efficient users of the internet?

Complete Issues subscribers can already access our Cyberbullying Focus Guide containing definitions, articles, statistics and useful links. You’ll find this in Complete Issues - Downloads - Focus Guides

In addition, we are pre-releasing statistics on: internet use around the world; what worries young people (EU kids on line); and how much they use their smart phones. These are ready for you now in Complete Issues - Downloads - Extras.

For even more material just go into Complete Issues and search for Internet safety. Among many other useful resources you’ll find an interesting and revealing personal account by a cyberbully.

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NEW: 12 posters about Magna Carta

1 Magna carta
Magna Carta is fundamental to all our liberties and has had a massive influence not just in Britain but on many countries. It was an inspiration for the UN Declaration of Human Rights as well as the American Constitution.

We have a set of 12 posters which explain its meaning and significance.

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Fact File 2015 has already been praised

FF2015 cover for web
'Absolutely brilliant! The fantastic facts, the illuminating illustrations..so much there to inform and interest young people. To my mind every school library needs access to hard and digital copy. It just can’t be bettered!' Geoff Dubber, SLA, Education Libraries and Learning

Fact File 2015 provides accessible statistics for young people about a whole range of issues and topics. it supports learning across the curriculum.

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Our free Liberty of expression poster

Picture 5
Great to see on Twitter that our Liberty of Expression poster (in French and English) had sparked an excellent display.

You can
download the poster here. It's part of our monthly Learn French posters series.

Thanks to #AKSLibrary

The British Values posters on display

Reading school
Our new British Values posters on display at Reading School. Thanks to Alison Jackson.

2 posters for February in our Reading and Library series

Pen is mightier than the swordDiscover history
These are the 2 posters for February in this series of print-your-own pdf posters which are ideal for walls and whiteboards.

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Freedom of speech poster - Je Suis Charlie

Proud to see our poster used in the Freedom of speech demonstration in Manchester.


Liberty of Expression in France - Free poster

Liberty of expression
You can download this free poster here.