How to write what you want to say

How to write what you want to say COVER UK Edition FINAL

New this week: How to write what you want to say

This is a user-friendly guide for students who know what they want to say but can’t find the words.

You can order a copy on approval.

Great feedback about Complete Issues

CI website Sept 2015

Great to receive this email about
Complete Issues:

'Teaching staff have been really pleased. I can’t praise Complete Issues enough, absolutely brilliant. Easy to use and direct with what you’re seeking out.' June Osland, School Librarian, Jo Richardson Community School, Dagenham

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School library posters in a film!

We were surprised to receive an email from a French film company saying that French heartthrob Omar Sy (of The Intouchables) is making a new comedy set in Paris & London. They're filming in a London primary school which has our primary Learn about your library posters on display & asked if we were happy if the posters appear as a backdrop in the film.


Feedback on new Assisted Dying Focus Guide

Assisted dying

This is just one of the Focus Guides which are part of
Complete Issues:

'Brilliant for pupils doing assignments.' Liane Montgonery, Knox Academy

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One of two Reading & Library posters for October

Find out about refugees
See more posters here from the Reading and Library series.

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More feedback about Essential Articles 2016

'I have just had excellent feedback from a pupil who recognised how she could use Essential Articles 2016 not only in English but to help with her Geography assignment. Another example was a pupil who said “Do you have anything on Poverty?” I had books on World Poverty but as she was looking at poverty in the UK we found exactly was she was looking for in Essential Articles.'

Anne Renstead, Librarian, Eyemouth High School, Berwickshire

Essential Articles 2016 is available on approval

Feedback about the new Essential Articles 2016

EA2016for web

We were delighted to receive this feedback about Essential Articles 2016 which has just been published:

'I never cease to be impressed by Essential Articles. What another excellent edition – brilliantly selected articles on a wide range of sensitive and very pertinent issues for young people, useful for many topics across the school curriculum. A super edition indeed and many of the articles are real eye openers that will raise debate & discussion in classrooms.

Every secondary school library in this country needs at least one copy
(so too the PSHE Department)! Keep up the good work.'
Geoff Dubber, SLA

NEW: Complete Issues: Refugees Focus Guide

Picture 1
No doubt your students are discussing the refugee crisis and what should be done.

We've put together a new Focus Guide exclusively for our
Complete Issues customers to help you find the information you need to help them understand the situation.

Subscribers can see the
Refugee focus guide here.

In this guide we have brought forward statistics from the forthcoming Fact File 2016 and combined them with a choice of opinion pieces and personal accounts. The statistics, from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, will give an understanding of the size of the crisis while the personal accounts give them a human face. There are links to the websites of organisations where you can find out more.

Focus Guides are a new feature of the Complete Issues website, and we'll be adding more to the site.

Subscribers can see the current set of Focus Guides here:

Longest serving monarch - free poster


On 9 September Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest serving monarch.

You can download a free poster from our
Celebration posters set 2015-16 which provides 125 posters celebrating key dates and events throughout the school year.

Download the free poster here.

Download our new catalogue

Carel Catalogue 2015-1

Click here to download a copy of our new catalogue.

NEW Customised Planners

Our customised planner for Kent College.

Find out more about these planners here.

London posters half price offer - only £9.95


Our set of 42 informative print-your-own pdf posters about the capital is on offer at only £9.95 until 6 July.

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UN 70th anniversary poster

UN 70

This is an extra poster in our monthly Celebration Posters series.

Subscribers will find it on their personal download page.

Free poster Women's Football World Cup Final

Womens World Cup

The free poster is from our monthly Celebration posters series which allows you to create memorable displays quickly and easily. You receive about 10 print-your-own pdf posters every month which you can use on walls and whiteboards.

You can download the poster and take a free trial of the series here

Do your students understand the abbreviation e.g.?


Do your students know what e.g. means?

Do they know how to use it?

We've just covered this in our monthly
Posters for English series.

Special offer: save £10 and get a free poster

WaterlooNew start Sept 2015Eid ul adha 2015European Day Of Languages 2015Human Rights day 2015International Day Preservation Ozone Layer 2015Remembrance 2015World Car Free Day 2015World Maritime Day 2015World space week 2015World Food Day 2015Christmas

Our Celebration Posters set 2015-2016 highlights key events throughout the school year with well over 100 colourful print-your-own pdf posters.

Raise awareness of national and international days.

Create great displays quickly.

Saves you hours of time.

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New British Values poster


We have added an extra poster to our new British Values set: 'Turning defeat into a source of inspiration'.

There are now 67 posters in all and the price is still only £45. If you have already bought the set, you'll find the new poster on your download page (there is no extra charge).

If you want to sample the set, you can
download a free poster from the series here. You can use these print-your-own pdf posters on walls and whiteboards!

2 Reading & Library posters for June

Seen the filmLearning never exhausts the mind
This monthly series only costs £24.95 for a year's subscription and gives you 2 posters every month!

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Reading and Library series.

Free poster: Election 2015, Whose votes count most?

Whose votes count the most 440

Today only you can download our free poster comparing the percentage of the national vote each party won with their actual percentage of MPs.

This poster is part of our UK issues monthly series and subscribers will also find it on their download page.

Download the poster today.

Study Planner 2015 - 2016


Our new Study Planner for the school year 2015 - 2016 will be available soon. It's an ideal way of helping all your students to manage their time more effectively.

Order your copies here.

VE Day (Victory in Europe) 70th anniversary free poster

VE Day 70th anniversary 440
You can download this free poster from our History page.

Punctuation matters: new set of 21 posters on offer till 14 May

Speech marksI capital letterApostrophes missing lettersFull stopBullet pointsExclamation markCapital letters for names

Can your students punctuate successfully?

Have they mastered the apostrophe and colon as well as the comma and capital letters?

These 21 print-your-own pdf posters cover all aspects of punctuation focussing on one topic at a time in a clear and colourful way.

The set will cost £20 but till 14th May you can buy the posters for just £15.

Download a free poster from the series here

Free poster about Nepal

You can download a free poster with the key facts about Nepal - one of the poorest countries in the world - here.

This is an extra poster in our monthly World Issues Posters series.

Feedback on the poster: 'Very helpful and topical - I have added it to our news board.' Geography teacher, Portsmouth Grammar School.

5 extra posters in our British Values series

Right to protestParentsHuman rightsHeritageEnjoying our countryside
These are the 5 new posters we've added to the British Values series which now has 66 posters in all.

If you've already bought the set, you'll find these extra posters on your download page - there is no extra charge.

You can
download a free poster from the series here and take advantage of the special offer. A Powerpoint version is also available.

Praise for our languages posters

Tourists We were very pleased to receive this comment:

'Your posters are the best on the market.'
Sylvia Gibson, Head of Modern Languages, Stockport Grammar School

Learn more here 

Young voters FREE resource

YoungVoters-1 Yesterday was the last day for people to register to vote in the May election.

So far there has been a lot of focus on housing, ‘hard-working families’ and immigration. There hasn’t been much focus on younger voters.

What are the issues that young people think are important? This BBC poll looks at the voting intentions of 18-24 year olds and what would encourage them to vote.

You’ll find it here.

To make a display full of impact and relevance, you could use statistics and articles from Complete Issues.

If you also subscribe to our
Reading and library posters you will have received “Find out about democracy here”, which would make a great heading for the display and UK issues subscribers will have had the poster about election turnout - both available from your personal download page. 

'We love your posters'

You are braver
We're delighted to receive this email:

'We love your posters. After our Y5 week's residential, we gave the children a group photo with one of your Thought for the Week posters printed on the back of it. We took it with us as a motivator, too.'
Lynn Bruce, Headteacher, Brookside Primary School, Leicester

Richard III free poster

After several hundred years under a car park in Leicester, Richard III is being buried this week. He was the last English king to die in battle. You can download a free poster about him from our history page.

2 Reading & Library posters for April

Stephen Fry An original ideaSilent gratitude
See more posters here from the Reading and Library series.

This monthly series is available on a free trial.

Glowing review for Essential Articles 2015

'Guaranteed to spark debate on key issues and controversies ... the multitude of curriculum uses for the Complete Issues package would take too long to list and I would sincerely hope that every self respecting school library already has Complete Issues ...

Essential Articles is beautifully produced. The text and layout of the articles are much better presented than the majority of original publications and with the addition of illuminating photos. Many students would be put off reading small dense newspaper articles in the broadsheets and few would come across some of the specialist publications used here. Have it available for browsing and general reading! Your online access ensures you will lose nothing you need to support learning.'
The School Librarian, Spring 2015

More information about Essential Articles 2015.

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Free poster: What was Thomas Cromwell really like?

Thomas Cromwell
You've read the novel and watched the TV series but what does a famous historian have to say about Thomas Cromwell? You can download this poster from our history page.

2 new Posters for English

Exclamation markGeorge Orwell
These are the 2 posters for March in our Posters for English series.

You can subscribe to the series or buy the complete set of 100 posters that have been released so far.

2 Reading & Library posters for March

World book day 2015 Seneca
See more posters here from the Reading and Library series.

This monthly series is available on a free trial.

One of our 3 French posters for March

Terrorism L
One of 3 Learn French posters for March has a quote, in French & English, about terrorism by Charb, the murdered Publication Director of Charlie Hebdo.

This is a monthly print-your-own pdf poster series helping to bring your walls and whiteboards alive to enrich the learning environment. Subscribers have a personal download page.

Why not try the series free for a month?

Safer Internet day 10th February - do you have the resources you need?

Next Tuesday is Safer Internet day. Do you have all the information you need to help your students become safe and efficient users of the internet?

Complete Issues subscribers can already access our Cyberbullying Focus Guide containing definitions, articles, statistics and useful links. You’ll find this in Complete Issues - Downloads - Focus Guides

In addition, we are pre-releasing statistics on: internet use around the world; what worries young people (EU kids on line); and how much they use their smart phones. These are ready for you now in Complete Issues - Downloads - Extras.

For even more material just go into Complete Issues and search for Internet safety. Among many other useful resources you’ll find an interesting and revealing personal account by a cyberbully.

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NEW: 12 posters about Magna Carta

1 Magna carta
Magna Carta is fundamental to all our liberties and has had a massive influence not just in Britain but on many countries. It was an inspiration for the UN Declaration of Human Rights as well as the American Constitution.

We have a set of 12 posters which explain its meaning and significance.

Study Planner Wall Charts from 5p each


You can buy our Study Planner Wall Chart for this school year at a greatly reduced price. The planner is a practical way to help students be organised, meet deadlines and be more successful.

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Fact File 2015 has already been praised

FF2015 cover for web
'Absolutely brilliant! The fantastic facts, the illuminating much there to inform and interest young people. To my mind every school library needs access to hard and digital copy. It just can’t be bettered!' Geoff Dubber, SLA, Education Libraries and Learning

Fact File 2015 provides accessible statistics for young people about a whole range of issues and topics. it supports learning across the curriculum.

We have sent out all the subscription copies. If you haven't seen Fact File 2015
why not ask for a copy on approval?

Our free Liberty of expression poster

Picture 5
Great to see on Twitter that our Liberty of Expression poster (in French and English) had sparked an excellent display.

You can
download the poster here. It's part of our monthly Learn French posters series.

Thanks to #AKSLibrary

The British Values posters on display

Reading school
Our new British Values posters on display at Reading School. Thanks to Alison Jackson.

2 posters for February in our Reading and Library series

Pen is mightier than the swordDiscover history
These are the 2 posters for February in this series of print-your-own pdf posters which are ideal for walls and whiteboards.

A subscription to the
Reading and Library series normally costs £24.95 for the year providing you with 24 posters, but until Monday 19 January you can save a further £5 and subscribe for just £19.95. Take advantage of this offer now!

Freedom of speech poster - Je Suis Charlie

Proud to see our poster used in the Freedom of speech demonstration in Manchester.


Liberty of Expression in France - Free poster

Liberty of expression
You can download this free poster here.