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Essential Articles 2016 is the latest volume in annual series for students aged 11-18. In full colour and copiable, it includes over 80 articles, picked from thousands, guaranteed to spark debate on key issues and controversies.

Essential Articles is online too! Access to the book over the internet makes it more usable and accessible for teachers and students.

Essential Articles covers a wide range of topics from a variety of viewpoints – on our Complete Issues website (which combines Essential Articles, Fact File and Key Organisations) you can find relevant articles, statistics and websites in seconds.

How is Essential Articles used?
To support work across the curriculum in areas such as English, Social Studies, General Studies as well as for assemblies. It suits both class work & individual research. The PDFs are ideal for use with interactive whiteboards and it is a superbly flexible resource in the library/LRC.

How do students/pupils use it?
Students can get to the heart of a topic within seconds and it's accessible enough for independent research. They don’t have to weed out the irrelevant, outdated or eccentric references they might find in a web search. The attractive presentation encourages browsing, reading & research.
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"Guaranteed to spark debate on key issues and controversies ... the multitude of curriculum uses for the Complete Issues package would take too long to list and I would sincerely hope that every self respecting school library already has Complete Issues ... Essential Articles is beautifully produced. The text and layout of the articles are much better presented than the majority of original publications and with the addition of illuminating photos. Many students would be put off reading small dense newspaper articles in the broadsheets and few would come across some of the specialist publications used here. Have it available for browsing and general reading! Your online access ensures you will lose nothing you need to support learning." The School Librarian, Spring 2015

What a delight to receive Essential Articles 2015. I really do think it is one of the most useful resources in any secondary school library & the online dimension is so useful too." Geoff Dubber, SLA

"Essential Articles 2015 looks great as ever! And I like the new pricing structure & improved features." Sophie Quinnell, Tonbridge

"Every year I am astonished at the range and quality of this invaluable resource; the editorial work, and care, supporting such value is SUPERB." The School Librarian

"Wonderful Carel Press - you help make my life easier with Essential Articles etc." Irene Marillat, Tolworth Girls’ School

Essential Articles, Fact File: "Wonderful online resources saving time for teachers, pupils and librarians. Being available 24/7 and offsite provides the level of access that all librarians wish to offer. They are inexpensive for online resources and can be heavily used if promoted at every opportunity" The School Librarian

"Invaluable" Mrs Madeline Secombe, Greenford High School, Ealing

"The single most important resource in any school library ... Superb high quality contents covering hundreds of issues and controversies ... Much more useful, infinitely more accessible and far less biased than an internet search ... flexible, user-friendly" Eileen Armstrong, The School Librarian

"Essential Articles has got to rival the Guinness Book of Records as the single most important resource in any school library. It should be every student’s first stop in searching for timely, topical manageable information about issues ... Superb high quality contents covering hundreds of issues and controversies ... Much more useful, infinitely more accessible and far less biased than an internet search ... flexible and user-friendly ... gets better with every volume"
Eileen Armstrong, The School Librarian

"Great new format - our pupils really appreciate it"
Sue Bussey, Derby High School
A site licence allows you to use Essential Articles on multiple computers and also allows students to login at home.

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We can set up IP access from your school or college removing the need for a password. This makes it easy to link to Essential Articles online from your intranet or website, making it easily accessible to students.
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If you subscribe to Essential Articles you will save £10 on the book this year and in the future you receive the new volume each year automatically. We are so confident that you will like and use Essential Articles that even subscription copies are sent out on approval and can be returned

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