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Fact File 2017
Statistics brought alive

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Have you got easily understandable facts and figures at your fingertips?

Fact File gives students the essential facts behind the issues.

It's an accessible, colourful and user-friendly resource which is easy to use.

All pages are copiable and available to view online, download and print.

For UK & international statistics about:
Britain & its citizens; Charity; Education; End of life; Environment; Family & relationships; Finance; Food & drink; Health; Internet & media; Law & order; Religion; War & conflict; Wider world; Work

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"An amazing array of carefully selected, topical social information - ideal for so many teachers & subjects. It is so useful for school librarians to have online access. To be able to search and view the entire archive is wonderful for schools!" Geoff Dubber, SLA, Education Libraries and Learning, Nov 2015

"An excellent resource with ready to use and easy to understand information. Very user friendly ... it would appeal to a wide variety of teachers – English, maths, geography, science, history, sociology, PE, health and economics. A definite must have for all schools." TES review 5 STAR RATING

"An assemblage of facts and figures themed for maximum school usefulness. The variety of presentation is terrific." The School Librarian

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The Online Expansion Pack gives you access to any printed editions of Essential Articles and Fact File that you have purchased for 1 year. This means you and your students can search the books in one place and view the contents online.

The Online Expansion pack also includes a
site licence allowing you to use the Complete Issues website on multiple computers at once and also allows students to login at home.

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Online Expansion Pack

(1 year) £49.95+vat
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