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Off the Shelf

By Lucy Bakewell, SLA School Librarian of the Year

How to run a successful primary school library and promote reading.
(Secondary librarians will also find help and inspiration in Off the Shelf)

A brilliantly practical resource with online resources

"Invaluable ... Shows that there are many practical strategies and resources that can enrich provision in spite of modest budgets. Particularly helpful are the copious templates." The School Librarian

"Very useful, particularly the online resources." Lizzie Strong, Rydon Community College

"A great resource for improving a primary school library." Review on TES website

Really useful - lots of inspirational & practical ideas from an enthusiastic and dynamic practitioner" Geoff Dubber, Chair, School Library Association

"Useful ideas for secondary school libraries too" Ann Montgomery, Bury Grammar Boys

A great book. I love the copiable and downloadable resources" Nikki Heath, Werneth School

"Really good - gives so many hints and tips on bringing the WOW factor to the library without spending a fortune... just what is needed at this time when budgets are under threat and making the most of what you’ve got will be the order of the day!" Sally Duncan, Assistant Director, SLA

From: £14.95 + vat

Library Find it Index

The flexible, user-friendly guide to subjects and their classification numbers

Easy to adapt to suit your library

• Over 1,600 key terms with classification numbers
• Alphabetical and numeric listing
• Modern terms for today’s users!
• Edit the Excel documents to suit your library
• Print copies and have them handy in several places

Every library uses slightly different versions of the classification numbers - the beauty of this Index is that you can adapt it for your library. The impact on students is positive and immediate. They find it quick and easy to use.

"I am going to suggest that all my colleagues in the Scottish borders purchase this." Anne Renstead, Eyemouth High School

"Fantastic. The beauty is you can print off multiple copies. Saves kids the long windedness of logging on, going to the intranet, waiting for the keyword search to feed back." Nikki Heath, Werneth School

"What an excellent idea! This will save me so much work and the fact I’ll be able to adapt it is brilliant. Thank heavens for Carel Press!" Mrs Alison Lainchbury, The Leys School, Cambridge

"I’m impressed. This is a great, adaptable resource." John Iona, Oasis Academy Enfield

"Proved really useful" Eileen Armstrong, Cramlington Learning Village

The index will be emailed to you.
Firm order only.

From: £19.95 + vat

Great Library Ideas

By librarians for librarians

Tried & tested tips & techniques guaranteed to work

Nikki Heath, winner of the SLA School Librarian of the Year award, is a major contributor to Great Library Ideas

This essential copiable resource is jam packed with lively and successful ideas to make the most of the library/LRC and put it right at the heart of the school. Most of the ideas can be easily adapted to different abilities and ages from 8-16. They range from one-off lessons to extended projects. Each idea is fully described and most include a copiable worksheet.

Video requires QuickTime to view

Ideas include: Murder in the Library, Blind Date Reads, Library Treasure Hunt Bingo and many more!

So if you want a dynamic and successful library ask for an approval copy! Includes a cd for ease of printing.

"I love Great Library Ideas - a treasure chest of good ideas" Geoff Dubber, School Library Association

"Absolutely wonderful" Barbara Cronk, Bishop Bell School, Eastbourne

"Fantastic" Jennifer Toerien, Mount St Mary's College, Spinkhill

"Inspirational" Ann Hannam, Sherburn High, Leeds

"Great Library Ideas provides a large part of the reason why reading still flourishes in the pressured lives of so many children ... a huge range of well tried and tested activities."
Speaking English magazine (
Read the full review here)

From: £19.95 + vat

Successful library displays

Inspiring and practical

Quick and easy library displays to promote reading

• Brilliant eye-catching ideas
• Raises the profile of your library
• Extensive booklists to create the displays
• Supporting activities
• Related websites
• Fabulous suggestions for events throughout the year
• Great general display ideas

The booklists and recommended websites are also online (Word and Excel formats) for easy editing and use - for example you can make bookmarks and posters. If you already have the book then
email us for your login details.

Covers 58 key events such as Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Christmas, Refugee week.
"An excellent resource. Extremely useful."
The School Librarian

"Brilliant display ideas – an excellent publication."
Geoff Dubber, School Library Association

"An excellent publication that takes all the hard work out of creating inspiring and topical school library displays. The accompanying website allows you to access weblinks directly and download the booklists which can then be edited to suit your purpose and library stock."
Linda M Dawes, The King’s School, Grantham

From: £16.95 + vat

The Reading Game

'Gone down a storm! Very popular, flexible and easy to run. An absolute hit!' Liz Smith, Pembroke School

• A sure-fire way to get young people reading
• Gripping and highly motivating

• For any age from 8 to 16

• Any number can play

• Introduces fiction genres

• Instantly adapted to any library / LRC

• Encourages wide reading

Some children and young people restrict their reading to one genre, or worse, hardly read at all. The Reading Game solves this problem because it introduces books in a fun and imaginative way. It is totally flexible - you choose the books.

At the end of a session children are queuing up to borrow books that they would never have dreamt of reading!

"I’ve just had two determined ‘non-readers’ tell me that they’ve finished books which they were inspired to read by your Reading Game - what a result!"
Alice Fyson, English teacher, Kirkham Grammar School

"Fantastic. I'm using it in my library sessions, with great success, with year groups 5, 6, 7 and 8."
Julie Morton, Cromer

Margaret Drinkwater, School Library Service Manager, Leeds

Read more comments and reviews here

Download a PowerPoint presentation of the Reading Game
Reading Game certificate: free pdf

From: £37.50 + vat
The Reading Game 2 copies offer

The Reading Game 2 copies offer

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From: £67.50 + vat


Brilliant library projects

• An exciting copiable resource

• Differentiated, curriculum linked library lessons

Are your shelves full of the most fantastic fiction and non-fiction that students would love if only you could get them to sample some of the delights they contain? A school librarian tackles this problem in an innovative, practical and fun way. Covers 3 particularly challenging key areas - poetry, maths, and science

All the projects are quick and easy to prepare. They will grab students' interest immediately and can be delivered as a one-off lesson or as part of an extended scheme of work. They develop essential library and research skills and encourage students to work both independently and as part of a team.

Guaranteed to work with your students!

Requires QuickTime to view

"Excellent. It touches those parts that other publications don't often reach!"
Geoff Dubber, Chair, School Library Association

"Just what we need"
Lesley Lee, Librarian, Harrow International School, Bangkok

"Generates high levels of motivation and enthusiasm, leading to sustained and worthy projects."
Special Needs Information Press

48 pages plus 5 full colour A2 charts.

From: £9.95 + vat

Quirky quizzes for lively libraries

Hundreds of questions to challenge 11-13 year olds

• Instant, copiable, no preparation needed!

Two books with quizzes and puzzles from many learning areas to develop and practise research skills. Students will use a range of reference sources including encyclopaedias, dictionaries, atlases and search engines to find answers.

• warm-up brain teasers

• extension activities including challenging crosswords and word searches

"The purpose is to provoke research and discussion, not just stir the memory. Some queries will send pupils to dictionaries, encyclopedias and the internet. Others will make fruitful argument flow."

Sarah Weeks, Kingdown School

Wendy Mann, The Stanway School, Colchester

Each book: 52 pages, £9.95 or both vols for £14.95. Save £4.95

Select which volume you would like:

From: £9.95 + vat
Both Quirky quizzes volumes offer

Both Quirky quizzes volumes offer

From: £14.95 + vat

Search and Discover

Active library skills for 11-13 year olds

• Integrated schemes of work that link with key curriculum areas
• Demonstrates best practice
• Allows full differentiation

As recommended in the DfES booklet Improve your Library

"Invaluable ... Buy two copies"
The School Librarian

"Excellent publication. More please"
Anne Roberts, North Leamington Community School & Arts College

Dr Chris Drewery, Head of Resources, Oathall Community College


From: £9.95 + vat
Library Skills Offer

Library Skills Offer

5 copiable books & The Reading Game

Great Library Ideas, Book Here!, The Reading Game, Quirky Quizzes for Lively Libraries (2 books), Search and Discover for £69.95 – save £22.35

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