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Essential Articles 2016

Essential Articles 2016

Forthcoming Sept

The up-to-date resource for issues

Full colour copiable book with online access

• Attractive, user-friendly and absolutely up-to-date.
• Unique breadth and diversity including hard-to-find sources.
• Focused research: not downloading and pasting!
• Ideal for age 14-18

Take it on approval subscription and save £10 or better still get Essential Articles as part of our Complete issues package with Fact File including full site licences plus 10% discount off all our other resources!

208 page copiable book with single user online acccess.
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From: £49.95 + vat
Essential Articles 2016 on subscription

Essential Articles 2016 on subscription

From: £39.95 + vat
Essential Articles site licence

Essential Articles site licence

From: £49.95 + vat
How to write what you want to say

How to write what you want to say


A user-friendly guide for secondary students who know what they want to say but can’t find the words.

Students who struggle with putting their ideas into writing need the language that mature writers use. This book provides that language in the form of sentence starters and linking words and phrases.

This is a unique tool for parents, teachers and students for improving writing and suits students from Year 7 to university level.

£7.95, 48 pages
15 + copies £6.95
30 + copies £5.95

From: £7.95 + vat
Celebration Posters complete set 2015-2016

Celebration Posters complete set 2015-2016

Celebrate national & international events, festivals and religious days with this colourful set of posters

Over 120 print-your-own pdf posters.

• Be up-to-date with these bright and bold posters

• Create great displays quickly

• Saves hours of time

"They really brighten the place up and are a talking point." Maddi Heinrich, Thomas Hardye School

Click the See More! link above to see the posters.

Download one free: International Literacy Day 8 Sept 2015

From: £59.95 + vat
British Values posters

British Values posters


Set of 67 print-your-own pdf posters

Highlights fundamental British Values

Ideal for walls and whiteboards

The Department for Education issued non-statutory advice about 'Promoting fundamental British values' in November. This series presents the best of 'British values':

Respect for all religions.

Respect for other people whatever their age.

Respect for different backgrounds and cultures.


Click the See More link above to see them all.

From: £45.00 + vat
British Values posters and Powerpoint

British Values posters and Powerpoint

From: £55.00 + vat
Study Planner Chart 2015-2016

Study Planner Chart 2015-2016

The best way to help your students meet deadlines

Are your students as organised as they need to be?

Are they aware of key dates coming up?

This colourful A2 size wall chart gives students an at-a-glance framework to plan their work.

The chart is unbeatable value and with our bulk pricing you can afford a copy for every student.

From Sept 2015 to Aug 2016

"Offers sensible notes on how to organise your studies" Guardian

"Extremely useful!" Samantha Payne, James Allen’s Girls’ School

"Excellent" Mrs Beverly Curry, Wakefield

Customised planners for your school or college available too.

Copies: 1 £2.50; 10+ £1.25; 50+ 80p; 100+ 50p (all + vat).

From: £0.50 + vat

Thought for the week


A new set of 50 print-your-own pdf posters to inspire assemblies, tutor time and to provide a thought for the week.

Ready to print as many as you like so they can immediately be used in classrooms.

These great quotes will make your students think!

These posters will save you hours of time.

Download one free: 'One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.' Malala Yousafzai

"This Malala poster has received so many positive comments. One teacher told me it had 'made her day' and made her remember why she liked teaching." Barbara Hickford, Abingdon

From: £45.00 + vat