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Olympic Spotlight: set of 36 posters

The Rio Olympics are this summer!

This informative set of 36 print-your-own pdf posters looks at all aspects of the Games.

Topics include: origins, women, medals, hosts, Olympic rings, creed, future, cost, first marathon, opening ceremony, amateurs and professionals, winter Olympics, commercialisation, Paralympics, boycotts, abolition of ancient Games, drugs, TV, oath, Jesse Owens and the 1936 Games; the Rio games.

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"I love them - informative and stimulating."Pam Doster, Brynteg Comprehensive

"Brilliant posters and Powerpoint. Very good value."
Maureen Hines, Ormiston Endeavour Academy

"Fantastic and as usual the graphics are outstanding."
Jean Grima, LRC, Carshalton High School for Girls

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PowerPoint too! We've also produced the set as a PowerPoint presentation - ideal for display screens.

From: £29.95 + vat
Olympic Spotlight posters & Powerpoint

Olympic Spotlight posters & Powerpoint

From: £39.95 + vat

Sports Posters: set of 32 print-your-own pdfs

A set of 32 print-your-own pdf posters

Including inspiring quotes from famous athletes

A must for motivating your students

From: £19.95 + vat

Dance Posters: set of 32

32 eye-catching posters (print-your-own pdfs or A2 printed posters): important quotes and insights.

A must to motivate students and spotlight key aspects of dance.

PDFs: You have your own download page.
Print as many as you like for your school or college!

'Wow – these are amazing!' Bronwen Milner, Kingstone School

'Imaginative and inspirational … these will look good anywhere.' The School Librarian

Most of the posters are also available printed at A2 size at just £20 for 5 email us to order

From: £19.95 + vat
Well done! stickers Pack of 100

Well done! stickers Pack of 100

Give praise where it's due!

2.2 cm diameter
Pack of 100 £3
Pack of 200 £4
Pack of 500 £6.50

From: £3.00 + vat
Well done! stickers Pack of 200

Well done! stickers Pack of 200

From: £4.00 + vat
Well done! stickers Pack of 500

Well done! stickers Pack of 500

From: £6.50 + vat