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3 books of Plays offer for age 14-16

3 books of Plays offer for age 14-16

Plays - more details of each are below
Turning Blind Eyes: a powerful play about bullying
Going to the dogs: dramatises the issue of truanting
Emergency Stop: 3 plays about Joyriding, Drugs and the Environment

30 copies each of all 3 books of plays only £30.

From: £30.00 + vat

Emergency Stop

Three plays About Joyriding, Drugs and the Environment

Swamper: A group of friends unite to face the destructive influence of drugs

Something inside: Shirley Rattigan is determined to protect the local environment. But can she and her family stand the cost?

Cars: Darren doesn't set out to commit a crime but his actions result in tragedy

For age 14-16. £1.95, 15+ £1 each

From: £1.95 + vat

Going to the dogs

A gripping play about truanting

Guaranteed to grab and hold the attention of your students

By Ian McCormack, the acclaimed author of
Turning Blind Eyes (see below)

"Dramatises the issue of truanting in an accessible way which should provoke thought and discussion."
Young People Now

"Every senior school library should have a copy, but a set of 30 would be an even better investment."
The School Librarian

For age 14-16. £1.95, 15+ £1 each

From: £1.95 + vat

Turning Blind Eyes

A powerful play about bullying

"I've loved working with the script, it's so relevant to the young people – their development, both personal and performance skills, has been wonderful to watch"
Nikki Taylor, Drama Teacher, Northampton County Youth Theatre

"Very realistic - we are thoroughly enjoying working on it"
Susanna Bichard, Linksfield Academy, Aberdeen

"Class of lively Year 9s (31 students) were spellbound & wanted to devour the play in one sitting."
Jennifer MacDonald, Bletchley

(An edited dramatisation of this script is part of our Bullying dvd)
For age 14-16. £1.95, 15+ £1 each

From: £1.95 + vat

It's All Talk

Speaking & listening through games & drama – a copiable resource

Amanda Bailey, Head of Drama, Forest Gate School, London

"Warm, witty & learned"
Leicester Mercury

"Best drama book I have ever seen!"
R Marshall, Newcastle

For use with 11-16 year olds. 52pp.

From: £7.50 + vat

Take 5

Four scripts and an improvisation - teacher's copiable book

• A sure-fire collection for reading & performance
• 4 scripts guaranteed to motivate and an improvisation to develop imagination & experience
• Practical teaching ideas
• Copiable worksheets

"Very practical ... a welcome addition to the very few sets of readable play scripts that are available. The tone is realistic and friendly and packed with ideas to bring plays to life. Pupil friendly"
The School Librarian

For 11-16. Copiable, 64pp

From: £7.50 + vat