Spell Check Posters

50 memorable PDF posters to fix key spellings in young people’s minds. Chosen to include common problems and a selection from the national curriculum lists.

Visual, colourful & effective.

Poor spellers often have difficulty understanding and remembering complex spelling rules.

These posters focus on one word at a time, to help fix the right spelling in the learner’s mind.

Flexible print-your-own PDF format. You can print as many as you like.

Download a free sample here

50 posters

From: £39.95 + vat
Spell Check Posters and Powerpoint

Spell Check Posters and Powerpoint

From: £49.95 + vat

Punctuation matters! print-your-own pdf posters

Can your students punctuate successfully?

Have they mastered the apostrophe and colon as well as the comma and capital letters?

These 21 print-your-own pdf posters cover all aspects of punctuation focussing on one topic at a time in a clear and colourful way.

Get Powerpoint too for an extra £10.

Download one free.

From: £19.95 + vat
Essential Articles 2017

Essential Articles 2017


The vital resource for issues:
GCSE & A Level

Full colour copiable book with online access

• Attractive, user-friendly and absolutely up-to-date.
• Unique breadth and diversity including hard-to-find sources.
• Focused research: not downloading and pasting!
• Ideal for age 14-18

"Looks great as ever! And I like the new pricing structure & improved features." Sophie Quinnell, Tonbridge

Made for the UK curriculum with the best and most relevant articles.

The online version is even more flexible as part of
Complete Issues.

It has discussion ideas and links to extra material.

Advantage of Complete Issues over googling
• varied & reliable sources
• moderated: so appropriate for students
• properly referenced
• beautifully presented
• adaptable for classroom use 
• cleared for copyright

If you are teaching non-fiction texts you need the convenience and flexibility of Essential Articles.

Take it on approval subscription and save £10 or better still get Essential Articles as part of our
Complete issues package with Fact File including full site licences plus 10% discount off all our other resources!

208 page copiable book with single user online acccess.

Site licence: if you have bought the book, a site licence gives unrestricted access for students and staff even from home.

More info about Essential Articles

From: £51.95 + vat
Essential Articles 2017 on subscription

Essential Articles 2017 on subscription

From: £41.95 + vat
Essential Articles 2017 site licence

Essential Articles 2017 site licence

From: £49.95 + vat

How to write what you want to say


A user-friendly guide for students who know what they want to say but can’t find the words.

Students who struggle to put their thoughts down on paper need the language that mature writers use. This book gives them that language in the form of sentence starters and linking words and phrases.

This unique tool for teachers and students transforms writing fluency and helps students from Year 7 to university level.

The book is set out in a double-page format:
• The first page defines the writing skill and provides sentence starters to demonstrate that skill.
• The second page provides linking words and phrases for connecting the ideas; an example of the skill in a short piece of writing; and the key task words linked to the skill.

Download a free page (PDF):
Describing - sentence starters

£7.95, 48 pages
15 + copies £6.95
30 + copies £5.95

From: £7.95 + vat
Complete Issues

Complete Issues

The essential, accessible source for researching issues and controversies

Helps to develop the independent learners and thinkers of the future.

Complete Issues is an online resource which brings together the best articles, statistics and relevant websites about a whole range of issues and controversies.

Your students will be able to instantly find articles, balanced opinions and statistics on real life issues and checked, verified websites for further research.

Complete Issues includes a site licence allowing unrestricted school or college use PLUS use at home by staff and students. Find out more here.

Free trial available

From: £99.95 + vat
Shorter Shakespeare series scripts

Shorter Shakespeare series scripts

The ideal introduction to Shakespeare

Shortened, original language scripts with stunning photos

Choice of 7 scripts (5 in full colour)
In full colour: Macbeth; Romeo and Juliet; A Midsummer Night's Dream; The Tempest; Twelfth Night
Other scripts: Much ado about nothing; Henry V

"Fantastic. I couldn't have a more perfect text. Our kids are really enjoying every moment of it - even the less able ones. Congratulations." Prue Greene

Teacher's books and iPad editions
£4.99 each. Discount for sets: 15+ £3.99, 30+ £3.50, 60+ £2.75, 100+ £2.25, 200+ £1.99 (can be a mix of titles - we will adjust your invoice)

Select the script you would like to purchase:

From: £1.99 + vat

English Basics: 30 posters

Students need a sound grasp of the basics of English

Give your teaching of the basics a real impact by using these print-your-own pdf posters.

You can print as many as you want and also display them on PCs & large display screens.

These colourful, snappy posters will have an immediate impact.

At less than £30 for the set of 30 this is brilliant value.

Have them in every classroom!

A PowerPoint version is available for whiteboards and display screens.

"They look great" Debbie Rea, Ballyclare High School

Covers: Adjectives; Adverbs; Alliteration; Antonyms; Connectives; Direct speech; First person; Hyperbole; Infinitive; It's; Metaphor; Nouns; Onomatopoeia; Paragraphs; Personification; Pronouns; Reported speech; Rhetorical question; Sentences; Similes; Superlatives; Synonyms; Their; They're; There; Third person; Vary your verbs; Verbs; Your; You're

Click here to view them all and download a free sample!

From: £29.95 + vat
English Basics: 30 pdf posters and Powerpoint

English Basics: 30 pdf posters and Powerpoint

From: £39.95 + vat

Posters for English

Eye-catching posters about key topics

A unique monthly series of print-your-own pdf posters.

For brilliant displays and to save you time.

Literacy, poetry, grammar, spelling, Shakespeare ...

Make as many copies as you want! Ready for whiteboard too.

A year’s subscription (2 posters a month):
you have your own personal download page.

Every poster released so far can also be previewed here.

"Wonderful posters" Kath Howard, Portland

You can also buy as a complete set every poster issued so far - over 100 altogether - see below.

FREE TRIAL: email us with 'Posters for English trial' in the subject box office@carelpress.co.uk

OFFER: subscribe to this and 7 other monthly sets - save £128

From: £24.95 + vat
Set of 100 Posters for English

Set of 100 Posters for English

100 posters selected from our Posters for English series

These are print-your-own pdf posters - you can print as many as you like and use them on whiteboards too.

Click the See More link above to see them all

From: £49.95 + vat
'Just Read!' PDF Poster Set

'Just Read!' PDF Poster Set

NEW: Do you need to promote reading more effectively?

• Motivational posters about the power of books and reading

• Make a big impression

• Instant display material - saves you hours of work

• Ideal for whiteboards too

• 20 colourful pdf posters from our
Reading & Library series

• Print as many copies as you like from your personal download page

From: £19.95 + vat

Apostrophe poster

How to use the apostrophe correctly!

A3 size glossy poster on tear resistant paper.

"Great" Elizabeth Hanton, Leicester

"Love it!" Jean Grima, Carshalton

"Just what is needed." Ruth Mackay, Cheshunt

"Great for literacy teaching" Collette Shine, Winnersh

"A fantastic memory tool." Carole Scott, Grange-over-Sands

From: £3.95 + vat
Apostrophe poster 2 copies

Apostrophe poster 2 copies

From: £5.95 + vat
Apostrophe poster 5 copies

Apostrophe poster 5 copies

From: £9.95 + vat

Shakespeare posters

Bring Shakespeare alive on your walls

Attractive & informative

25 print your own pdf posters. Ideal for whiteboards too.

Raise awareness and understanding of Shakespeare in your school.

Show students that so many of our words and phrases were coined by Shakespeare: over 1,700 new words in fact.

From: £14.95 + vat

Key Dates in English posters

An illuminating set of 35 print-your-own pdf posters about key dates in English language and literature from 1362 to 2009

When did English become the official language of England?
What happened to all the theatres in the country in 1642?
Where and when was the first newspaper in English published?
What did Dickens say about the opening of the first lending library?
Why was the 25 December 1990 a landmark day for the English language?

Print as many copies as you like!

Download one free: 1818 - Frankenstein published.

Also available as a Powerpoint for interactive whiteboards & large screens for only an extra £10.

From: £29.95 + vat
Key dates in English pdfs and Powerpoint

Key dates in English pdfs and Powerpoint

From: £39.95 + vat
It's a bookmark: set of 30

It's a bookmark: set of 30

Helps students understand the difference between it's and its

Features illustrated, memorable examples

Set of 30: £3.99 + vat
Set of 100: £7.99 + vat
Set of 300: £14.99 + vat
Set of 1,000: £34.99 + vat

From: £3.99 + vat
It's a bookmark: set of 100

It's a bookmark: set of 100

From: £7.99 + vat
It's a bookmark: set of 300

It's a bookmark: set of 300

From: £14.99 + vat
It's a bookmark: set of 1,000

It's a bookmark: set of 1,000

From: £34.99 + vat

Spelling Bookmarks: set of 30

A handy spelling bookmark with tips on 10 commonly misspelt words.

"Love them - would definitely order them by the 1000!"
Sarah Middleton, Bristol Brunel Academy

Moyra Lumsden, Ross High School, Tranent

"Genuinely great’"
Lesley Bagshaw, John Kyrle High School, Ross on Wye

"What a great idea!"
Alice Day, Archway School, Stroud

A set of 30 is only £3.99 + vat

From: £3.99 + vat
Spelling Bookmarks: set of 100

Spelling Bookmarks: set of 100

From: £7.99 + vat
Spelling Bookmarks: set of 300

Spelling Bookmarks: set of 300

From: £14.99 + vat
Spelling Bookmarks: set of 1,000

Spelling Bookmarks: set of 1,000

From: £34.99 + vat

English opens doors

A good grade in English is vital for every student

This A3 motivational poster highlights the fact that English opens doors to 6th form college, university and a good job.

There's a discount on extra copies - why not have one in every English classroom?

"Great" Sarah Masters, Thomas Deacon Academy, Peterborough

A3 size printed poster.

From: £3.95 + vat
English opens doors: 2 copies

English opens doors: 2 copies

From: £5.95 + vat
English opens doors: 5 copies

English opens doors: 5 copies

From: £9.95 + vat

It's All Talk

Speaking & listening through games & drama – a copiable resource

Amanda Bailey, Head of Drama, Forest Gate School, London

"Warm, witty & learned"
Leicester Mercury

"Best drama book I have ever seen!"
R Marshall, Newcastle

For use with 11-16 year olds. 52pp.

From: £7.50 + vat

Take 5

Four scripts and an improvisation - teacher's copiable book

• A sure-fire collection for reading & performance
• 4 scripts guaranteed to motivate and an improvisation to develop imagination & experience
• Practical teaching ideas
• Copiable worksheets

"Very practical ... a welcome addition to the very few sets of readable play scripts that are available. The tone is realistic and friendly and packed with ideas to bring plays to life. Pupil friendly"
The School Librarian

For 11-16. Copiable, 64pp

From: £7.50 + vat