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'Thanks for providing such immediate & inspiring resources that work!'
Wendy Cottenden, PSHE Co-ordinator, St Christopher School, Letchworth Garden City

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British Values posters


Set of 67 print-your-own pdf posters

Highlights fundamental British Values

Ideal for walls and whiteboards

The Department for Education issued non-statutory advice about 'Promoting fundamental British values' in November. This series is intended to present the best of 'British values'.

The series covers a broad range of values such as:

Respect for all religions.

Respect for other people whatever their age.

Respect for different backgrounds and cultures.


Click the See More link above to see them all.

Download one free.

From: £45.00 + vat
British Values posters and Powerpoint

British Values posters and Powerpoint

From: £55.00 + vat
Study Planner Chart 2015-2016

Study Planner Chart 2015-2016

The best way to help your students meet deadlines

Are your students as organised as they need to be?

Are they aware of key dates coming up?

This colourful A2 size wall chart gives students an at-a-glance framework to plan their work.

The chart is unbeatable value and with our bulk pricing you can afford a copy for every student.

From Sept 2015 to Aug 2016

"Offers sensible notes on how to organise your studies" Guardian

"Extremely useful!" Samantha Payne, James Allen’s Girls’ School

"Excellent" Mrs Beverly Curry, Wakefield

Customised planners for your school or college available too.

Copies: 1 £2.50; 10+ £1.25; 50+ 80p; 100+ 50p (all + vat).

From: £0.50 + vat
100 Planner Charts (2015-16) + 100 Exam Countdown Charts (see below)

100 Planner Charts (2015-16) + 100 Exam Countdown Charts (see below)

From: £70.00 + vat
250 Planner Charts (2015-16) + 250 Exam Countdown Charts (save £45)

250 Planner Charts (2015-16) + 250 Exam Countdown Charts (save £45)

From: £130.00 + vat
Exam Countdown Chart

Exam Countdown Chart

Makes revision organised and effective

Practical advice

• Active approaches

• A personal revision framework

• For 14-18

Students need guidance on the best ways to revise. This chart combines tried and tested methods, tips, and advice from students. It has a unique framework to guide each student in the 3 months before the exam.

42 x 30cm

"Excellent" Mrs J Henderson, Kendal

Copies each: 1 £1.30; 10+ 68p; 50+ 43p; 100+ 38p

From: £0.38 + vat
Essential Articles 2015

Essential Articles 2015


The up-to-date resource for issues

Full colour copiable book with online access

• Attractive, user-friendly and absolutely up-to-date.
• Unique breadth and diversity including hard-to-find sources.
• Focused research: not downloading and pasting!
• Ideal for age 14-18

Take it on approval subscription and save £10 or better still get Essential Articles 2015 as part of our
Complete issues package with Fact File including full site licences plus 10% discount off all our other resources!

208 page copiable book with single user online acccess.

"Looks great as ever! And I like the new pricing structure & improved features." Sophie Quinnell, Tonbridge

More info about Essential Articles

From: £49.95 + vat
Essential Articles 2015 on subscription

Essential Articles 2015 on subscription

From: £39.95 + vat

Thought for the week posters


A new set of 50 print-your-own pdf posters to inspire assemblies, tutor time and to provide a thought for the week.

Ready to print as many as you like so they can immediately be used in classrooms.

These great quotes will make your students think!

These posters will save you hours of time.

Download one free: 'One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.' Malala Yousafzai

"This Malala poster has received so many positive comments. One teacher told me it had 'made her day' and made her remember why she liked teaching." Barbara Hickford, Abingdon

From: £45.00 + vat

HALF PRICE OFFER: 4 sets of monthly pdf Posters for PSHEE

Inform, educate and inspire your students

Celebration posters
UK Issues
World Issues Posters
Our Planet Posters

• Several new posters every month

• Superb ready-made display materials

• Print as many as you like

• Great for whiteboards & plasma screens

• Your own personal download page for easy access to all your posters

FREE TRIAL: email us with 'PSHEE 4 sets of monthly posters trial' in the subject box

From: £49.95 + vat

What do you think posters

Discussion posters to get your 14-18 year olds thinking!

A set of 35 thought-provoking pdf posters. These attractive and attention grabbing posters are ideal for display and whiteboards.

‘I have been so impressed with the posters and so have students and staff!’ Wendy Cottenden, PSHE Co-ordinator, St Christopher School, Letchworth Garden City

‘Great, I love them!’ Lesley Martin, Culford School

‘Wonderful and to the point, they will make our pupils - whatever their abilities, think for themselves. Well done for once again hitting the mark’ Eleanor Jenkinson, Stainburn School and Science College

The set is also available as a Powerpoint presentation together with individual images for use with any other display software.

From: £19.95 + vat
What do you think posters PLUS PowerPoint presentation

What do you think posters PLUS PowerPoint presentation

From: £29.95 + vat

6 Anti-Bullying posters


6 eye-catching and high impact A3 glossy posters highlight the need to take a stand against bullying and cyber bullying.

"‘I think the posters look fab and I’d like a set please" Annike Dase, Trent College

"Great posters" Virginia May, The Weald School

Set of 6 £19.95 + vat. Buy a 2nd set at half price: 2 for £29.95 + vat
Individual posters £5.95 + vat each.
Email us to order individually

Also available as a Powerpoint in widescreen format for interactive whiteboards and large screens.
Only £19.95 including unlimited use around your school or college. If you have already bought the 6 posters, get the Powerpoint (and images) for an extra £9.95:
email us! Or buy both now for only £29.95. Save £9.95

From: £19.95 + vat
2 sets of 6 Anti-Bullying posters

2 sets of 6 Anti-Bullying posters

From: £29.95 + vat
Anti-Bullying Widescreen Powerpoint and Images

Anti-Bullying Widescreen Powerpoint and Images

From: £19.95 + vat
Anti-Bullying set of 6 A3 posters PLUS Powerpoint

Anti-Bullying set of 6 A3 posters PLUS Powerpoint

From: £29.95 + vat

Cyberbullying: Complete Issues Focus guide

This 8 page pdf guide is a brilliant starting point for discussion, advice and research. It includes:
• What is Cyberbullying?
• Recent cases
• How the internet has turned old-school bullying hell into a virtual hell
• How much Cyberbullying goes on? The latest statistics
• Is it the biggest online problem?
• Some myths about 'Digital natives'
• Advice about staying safe
• Links to useful websites

The guide is free to
Complete Issues subscribers, £5 to others - you can print as many copies as you need.

From: £5.00 + vat

Talking about immigration

This book takes a unique look at immigrants all over the world including how they contribute to a country's community and culture, and why they may choose to emigrate to another country.

It helps teach children to respect and understand others.

Library hardback, 32 full colour pages. See sample spread by clicking on the
See more link above.

For Y7 reluctant readers.

From: £12.99 + vat